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Here are Some of Our Products, Please Support Us, So We Can Offer A lot More Products in The Future, Thanks. We Prefer Checks By Mail so It is Safer. Thanks!=)

Isis Dagger

One of our Top Sellers, You'll Like it,  Guaranteed, Or Your Money Back! Comes With Hardwood Plaque!!. Authentic, Made in Taiwan, Don't Be Fooled By Those Cheap Knock  off Imitations from Pakistan.

WW2 Japanese Naval Dagger

A New Release, This Replica of The Daggers That The Japanese Used in WW2.

          On Sale Now!!!At The Cheapest Price Youll Ever See!! A  60% Discount of Retail Price!!
 Only $13.00, Some Retailer sell for  $40-$60!!!           
The Griffyn, Custom Design Series!!

This Beautiful Design is a Custom By Gil Hibben, Master Knife Creator. A Must Buy for all 

          Collectors, Hurry, Limited Time Only
The Sword From The Hit Movie: BLADE, Featuring Wesley Snipes!!

This is The Exact Sword From The Movie: BLADE, Featuring Wesley Snipes. Genuinely Authentic . A Must See!!! 

          Directly From FACTORY-X!! Limited, Hurry!!This is Our Current#1 Seller!!
Gambitt Throwing Cards

These Cutting Edge Throwing Cards are perfect Gifts For Any Ninja Star Collectors or Those Who Like X-Men, These Look Like The Ones Used By Gambit, The Card Master From X-Men.


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